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Jelz Straight Salon is Chicago’s premier hair salon. We offer a variety of hair services and is conveniently located in the Northwest suburb of Schaumburg and serving Hoffman Estates, Barrington, Elk Grove, Roselle, Streamwood, Bartlett, Algonquin, Palatine, Inverness, and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service in a relaxing, modern atmosphere. We offer innovative and precision work in the areas of Japanese hair straightening / thermal reconditioning and outstanding hair color services with the latest in techniques such as balayage, ombre, and highlights. We pride ourselves in creating and maintaining healthy, gorgeous hair and current looks, customized to your lifestyle. We carefully select only the highest quality product lines, such as L’Oreal Paris Professionnel for our hair color services, to provide only the best hair color in Chicago. Jelz Straight Salon has the reputation as the best hair salon in Chicago because we are known for providing exceptional client service and creative brilliance.

About the Salon

About Jel Arnaiz

Jel Arnaiz is an experienced cosmetologist who was schooled in the San Francisco bay area. She has also trained in Chicago, New York, and Asia (Philippines and Japan) to master the techniques of Japanese Hair Straightening (aka Thermal Reconditioning). Before establishing her individual practice, Arnaiz worked as a master designer in the popular Ulta salon chain. Then she decided to become an independent contractor and work for herself by renting a studio salon in Schaumburg, Illinois and continuing to update her skills and refreshing her techniques. Her clientele grew rapidly and she found her energy shifting to working with the clients she has built.

After 10 years in the professional beauty industry, Arnaiz has found her true passion in the art of Thermal Reconditioning. Her mission for the future is to continue on her pathway to mastership of Thermal Reconditioning and giving an incredible straightening treatment that truly changes the lives of those who get it done. Jel give clients a wonderful feeling so there is no worry about the rain, humidity, working out, fog, going to the beach, going dancing and many other things most of us don’t think about.

Jel Arnaiz

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Japanese Hair Straightening

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Permanent Wave


Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening is a popular way of permanently straightening hair that originated in Japan in the 1990’s. It promises to turn wavy, coarse, or curly hair into pin-straight locks by treating the hair with chemicals which break the protein bonds in the hair that give it its shape. This process is also known as “thermal reconditioning” since it also uses very special flat irons that heat to precise temperatures to complement the work of the chemical solution. This straightening process first became popular in the United States in New York City in the early 2000’s.

The Benefits

This permanent hair straightening process has many benefits such as a sleek, frizz free look. The greatest benefit is likely to be time saved each day on not having to fight to dry, wavy or curly hair with a blow dryer and brush. Hair that has been straightened by thermal reconditioning is much quicker to dry. It requires very little attention out of the shower, giving you a professional look with minimal effort. You are also saved from the hassle of fighting frizz from humidity or physical activity.

How It Works

The Japanese hair straightening process is extensive, taking at least 3 to 4 hours. It can take up to 8 hours depending on the length, thickness, and condition of the hair being treated. The key to this method of hair straightening is the special solution that chemically alters the bonds (disulfide/cystine) which give shape to the individual strands of hair. This allows for the hair to be permanently straightened.

Due to the risks involved with the process (you are making a permanent change to your hair, or at least to the hair that is on your head at the time of the procedure), please contact us for a consultation before scheduling your appointment for thermal reconditioning. This is a crucial step as not all hair types can be helped by this technique.

Hair Styles that Will Benefit the Most

Certain types of hair will benefit the most from Japanese hair straightening, and some types should not even consider the process. In general, this procedure is a good fit for those with loose curls or wavy hair who are tired of using a flat iron every day. Your hair should be at least 5-6 inches long before being considered as well. If you have recently had your hair colored, bleached, or relaxed, be sure to tell us as these processes affect the health of your hair. Moving forward with the Japanese hair straightening process will require extra care and consideration. We may recommend another straightening procedure altogether.

Touch ups are typically needed anywhere from 6 to 9 months later depending on the amount of curl in the new growth. These should take less time than the original visit and cost significantly less as well.


This lady Jelly, must say changed my appearance over few hours of her magic on my fine frizzy weak, over processed hair! What a fine stylist! I was visiting Schaumburg for a day and the moment I explained my situation, she switched her other appointment and did the best! They say everything happens for a reason, and I am sure this was my reason to visit Schaumburg.  She cared to explain each step and did not go by books, instead, she evaluated my hair condition each step and progressed further. This should be a one stop shop for anyone who wishes to try straightening. I might as well visit this city again just to get my next touch up at her salon.


I’ve been going to Jelz Straight Salon for hair rebonding. My hair looks naturally straight. Thanks to Jelly who’s been doing my hair for years now.


Jelly is the sweetest lady i have dealt with in a hair salon. She did the Japanese hair straightning on my daughter and she did a wonderful wonderful job. We have found a new stylist!


I made an appointment to have my hair rebonded. She did an amazing job and I love love love the results! Every time she put something in my hair she explained to me exactly what she was doing and why. Jelly even trimmed the ends of hair to make them even. Very friendly to my mother and I. Definitely will come back when I have to touch up my hair and even come for haircuts and to get hair done! Worth the money!


Absolutely the best cut and color I have ever had. Professional and courteous. Jelly was able to put together a color that matched perfectly to my natural (pre-gray) color, so much that a family member asked me if I stopped coloring my hair. True test of getting your hair colored. I highly recommend Jelz Straight Salon!


Jelly is nothing short of a miracle worker. My hair is very thick, very coarse, wavy/curly and very hard to deal with. I have struggled with it my whole adult life and it has even brought me to tears. I have tried all sorts of cuts, thinning, products, treatments and there just was no good answer for my hair. Until I found Jelz Straight Salon. Jelly did a Japanese hair straightening on my hair and I could not believe the result. I could hardly believe it was really my hair when she got done. My hair is straight, shiny, and silky smooth! My husband loves running his fingers through it. It’s gorgeous and so easy to take care of.  All I have to do is wash it and blow out the bangs. I love my hair now! Thank you Jelly!


The BEST! I moved to Chicago 6 years ago. I was terrified about finding a new place to get my hair done. Fortunately, I picked Jelz Straight Salon. Jelly is my colorist and she is truly the best. She is an absolute perfectionist. She has done Japanese Straightening for me, highlights, and she even corrected my color. I didn’t even know my color was “broken…but after she was done, I could see such an improvement. It was unbelievable. She was always patient and wonderful. Getting an appointment is a breeze. Jelly is always so helpful. You will NOT be disappointed. It is a great salon and there’s no question that she takes great pride in her work. Thank You!


I’ve been coming to Jelly’s salon for  almost 7 years now! SHE DEFINITELY DOES A GREAT JOB WITH MY HAIR (haircut or hair color or highlights), and I recommend her to everyone I know. I would never let anyone else touch my hair. I also have to mention that she does an awesome job on make-up too. She did the make-up for the whole wedding party for my sister’s wedding. I love her! She is the best!


I’ve been searching for someone to cut my hair the way Jelly does, but I seem to keep on coming back because no one can and will ever cut and give the amazing service that you deserve (not anywhere around Illinois or the country)! Cost is decent and affordable. She’s not someone who will rush you and steer you away from what you expect and need. She has the experience and the patience. It’s been 7 years and I’ve done cuts/ color/ waxing…and with 15 years experience what can you ever ask for. Awesome, soft spoken, honest and very professional. Whatever she says just listen to her, she is the professional and I trust her to make me look good! 🙂


After getting tired of taking a straighter to my curly/wavy wild thick long hair everyday, I went to Jelly 3 years ago to get my really long hair rebonded. She did a great job in taking care of my nerves as well as my virgin hair that had never been colored or processed. She is skilled and knowledgeable in her trade. Obviously it grew out in about a year for me and if I decide to do it again, I’m returning to Jelly since she took such good care of me the first time!


Jelz Straight Salon is heaven sent, thank you! I have been to many salons for Japanese Thermal Straightening, and none of them were as professional, knowledgeable and honest as Jelly. My past experience was not very good with hair straighteners, but Jelly fixed my burnt fly aways! She is a true professional at her art. She is passionate about what she does and truly cares for her clients. She has positively impacted my life and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for all that you do! I am her forever client 🙂


Thank you Jelly for the lovely & professional service! You are so informative and competent and of course very talented! I had a great time and my hair looks fantastic and I can’t get enough of the compliments! Mèrci Jelly and looking forward to seeing you again!


Was a pleasure to go to. I didn’t have to wait in line because Jelly is appointment only. Got a great haircut at a great price!


I had been wanting to get my hair thermal reconditioned for many years now.I finally decided to do it with Jelly three days ago. I had previously colored hair, and I also had had a keratin treatment (Brazilian Blowout) done a few years ago, but she managed to mix up a perfect mixture of strengths of the chemicals that worked for my hair. She also used Liscio, which was a product that I was specifically hoping for. I am very glad I went to Jelly to get my hair straightened, I would definitely recommend her. My hair has remained straight after my first shower today, and in humidity in previous days. She also gave us an excellent deal on the price. Don’t be afraid to get your hair Japanese straightened anymore!


I like Jelly. She is very professional and very nice. I wish I can see her more often. Maybe somebody else can charge you only few dollars for the haircut, but I am willing to pay Jelz for her services because she is so positive and professional.


The best hairstylist you don’t want to miss. I went to Jelly three years back for hair rebonding. I have thick asian hair and she did an excellent job and my hair was so shiny soft and straight. From then on, I have been an ardent customer of hers. I have done several rebonding and colouring and she treats my hair with wonderful percision and care. On top of that; she has a good eye on haircuts and does an excellent job. I am happy to say that she is my family’s special hairdresser.


I went to Jelz Straight Salon to have my hair rebonded. I have thick asian hair that has been damaged from previous hair treatments. At first I was a little bit skeptical as to how my hair would turn out. But Jelly did not disappoint me! My hair is now soft and smooth! She also assured me that cutting my hair short because of all the damage will be the best decision and I trusted her on that! I was very nervous, but she gave me a really nice haircut that fits my taste. I am now loving my new look! I would definitely recommend her! Professional and such a sweet lady!


Jelly did my hair and make up for my wedding and reception and it was nothing short of breathtaking. Everyone complimented me on my look and I couldn’t have been happier!


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We think about hair the way others think about skin: to show off its fullest beauty, it needs to be healthy. For natural-looking beauty, it’s never a question of covering up problems—it’s about repairing them from the inside out. Milbon’s unique fusion of science and creativity ensures every salon-exclusive product created is delightful, easy to use, and undeniably effective.

Milbon is Japan’s no.1 professional haircare brand whose mission is to provide helpful tools and solutions for stylists worldwide to together realize “Beautiful Hair, Beautiful People.” To find our salon to buy Milbon products, please click here, enter in “60195” and look for Jelz Straight Salon.

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Super Sleek

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The High …

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Tip #1: Concealer

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Ditch the Oil Slick

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Avoid Long Steamy Showers

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Daily Hair Care Routine

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Tips to Protect Color-Treated Hair

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Tips on Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

While long hair can be your best asset, it can also be your biggest headache, because long hair needs to be looked after. The longer your hair, the more prone to damage it is, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go rushing for the scissors! Just follow these simple tips and it will help keep your beautiful long locks at the peak of health and looking wonderful:

1. …

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