Jelz Straight Salon

About Jel Arnaiz

Jel Arnaiz is an experienced cosmetologist who was schooled in the San Francisco bay area. She has also trained in Chicago, New York, and Asia (Philippines and Japan) to master the techniques of Japanese Hair Straightening (aka Thermal Reconditioning). Before establishing her individual practice, Arnaiz worked as a master designer in the popular Ulta salon chain. Then she decided to become an independent contractor and work for herself by renting a studio salon in Schaumburg, Illinois and continuing to update her skills and refreshing her techniques. Her clientele grew rapidly and she found her energy shifting to working with the clients she has built.

After 10 years in the professional beauty industry, Arnaiz has found her true passion in the art of Thermal Reconditioning. Her mission for the future is to continue on her pathway to mastership of Thermal Reconditioning and giving an incredible straightening treatment that truly changes the lives of those who get it done. Jel give clients a wonderful feeling so there is no worry about the rain, humidity, working out, fog, going to the beach, going dancing and many other things most of us don’t think about.

Jel Arnaiz